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Admissions 2024

Gloucestershire Grammar Schools Admissions Test Timeline for September 2024 Entry 

Monday 22nd May 2023 (noon) to Friday 30th June 2023 (noon) 

The Online Registration window is now CLOSED. 

No late registrations or shares can be accepted after 12 noon on 30th June.

For information regarding the missed test registration window please see the document below

Missed Test Registration Window 2024


For entry for 2024 please see the statements below:

The test assesses students’ verbal and non-verbal abilities, English skills and mathematics, and is provided by GL Assessment. 

  • All questions are multiple choice style questions.

  • In one paper, students will be tested on their verbal skills (including comprehension, vocabulary and verbal reasoning).

  • The other test paper assesses non-verbal reasoning and mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding. 

  • Each test session will take around an hour. 

  • At the beginning of each session there is time built in for the sharing of instructions and, for the non-verbal reasoning element, some worked examples. Students are allocated a total of 45 minutes to complete the tests themselves.

  • GL Assessment is the largest independent provider of educational assessments in the UK, also providing assessment materials to schools in over 100 countries worldwide.  They have been developing selection assessments for over 40 years and provide tests to the majority of grammar schools in the country.  GL Assessment works hard to develop its material such that all children are able to demonstrate their levels of attainment and academic potential without excessive preparation. 


Familiarisation material for 2024 entry

Early September 2023 

Your child’s Test Centre School will contact you with times, what to bring, what not to bring, etc. in early September.

Saturday 16th September 2023 

The same test will be held at all seven Gloucestershire Grammar Schools on this day.

If your child missed the Grammar School Entrance test sat in September 2023, there is an opportunity to sit a late test, the registration for this closed on Friday 12th January at noon.

This is not an opportunity for your child to sit the test again.

Please see the following document for dates and details.

Late Test February 2024

16th October 2023

Results for Denmark Road Grammar School will be emailed to parents.

By Tuesday 31st October 2023

Parents/Carers must submit their secondary school Common Application Form to their Local Authority by 31st October 2023 

Wednesday 1st March 2024

Your Local Authority will inform you which school your child has been allocated on this day.

Please note : GCC strongly encourage you to accept the school place you have been offered, even if you go on another school’s waiting list, to ensure your child has a school place in September 2024.

Children who have not met the qualifying standard (i.e. have not passed the test) are unable to join the waiting list. 

Advice on registering for Year 7 Appeal for September 2024

Important Dates:

  • Appeals Registration Forms can be requested from the Admissions Officer by after 1st March 2024 - please note the school will be closed for the Easter holidays from 23rd March – 7th April inclusive, therefore it would be advisable to request your appeal pack where possible before the Easter break.

  • Deadline to submit appeals registration form back to Denmark Road High School: Wednesday 24th April 2024 (3pm) 

  • Deadline for submitting any additional paperwork: Friday 26th April (3pm)

  • Dates of Appeal Hearings: Appeal hearings will take place between May and July 2024 (final details to be confirmed 10 days before)

Please note that the admissions test itself is designed, set, marked and administered externally.  As such, Denmark Road High School hold very little information on individual test scores.  However, if your child has not achieved a qualifying standard and you require confirmation of your child’s ‘ranking’ in the results for Denmark Road High School we can provide this; please email your request to the Admissions Officer giving your child’s full name and date of birth. 

Before launching an appeal for your child to have a place at Denmark Road High School, we would urge you to consider whether you have grounds for appeal that go beyond suggesting that your child (like many others) would benefit from a Denmark Road High School education. 

Our admissions criteria and, based upon experience, the independent Admissions Appeal Panel have not given weight in their reported deliberations to factors such as the nearness to school, travel arrangements, sibling links, the fact that a child would contribute to a great deal to the school (academically, musically, in sporting or other arenas), family or child upset at not getting a place, negatives you perceive about the alternative school allocated. 

Very few appeals are successful.  In the end, however, it must be your decision.  One of the main concerns at Appeal is whether the admissions process has been conducted in a reasonable way, in line with the admissions policy or whether there has been a significant flaw in procedure that would have changed the outcome of allocation of places. 

Admissions Appeals for 2024 Summary