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Denmark Road Sixth Form provides a strong academic environment underpinned by a caring and comprehensive support network.

The Edge

To help you truly be the best that you can be, and to fully prepare you for life after A Levels, we have developed the bespoke Edge Programme. This exciting initiative provides opportunities for character development outside of the classroom.

Every student who passes through Denmark Road Sixth Form leaves a mark on our community. There is a vibrancy to our Sixth Form experience stemming from our extra and super-curricular options. The buzz of events and activities bring our bespoke Sixth Form Centre to life and enable students to gain the skills to prepare them for the challenges of adult life.

Denmark Road Sixth Form students fully immerse themselves in the opportunities we provide. Beyond their high quality A Level provision this is separated into electives under the following themes:

Denmark Road Sixth Form has a strong tradition of leadership and responsibility. All students are able to nurture and develop active leadership skills. This can include being part of the Senior Student Team, running house events or leading Discover options such as Law club, Dissection club or the school’s own student-led newspaper DRHS News. Denmark Road Sixth Form students become positive role models to their peers and younger students making a invaluable contribution to the school community. Fundraising for good causes is an area where Sixth Form students make an impact. Raising over £3000 this year for their chosen charities, students coordinate and lead on a range of fundraising activities for the school to support.

Studying A Levels should not mean you have to give up your other interests. Balance is vital and co-curricular activities play a key role in preparing you for the pressures of the exam room. These experiences provide for improved wellbeing and mental toughness. At Demark Road Sixth Form you will be able to engage in a range of activities, irrespective of your experience, across a variety of fields including sport, the arts, music or even in professional IT qualifications.

Denmark Road Sixth Form will provide you with the very best subject knowledge and expertise that is essential in securing top university places and degree-level apprenticeships.

In addition to supporting you to meet those grade requirements, we will ensure you are exposed to the range of relevant super-curricular activities to demonstrate your suitability to universities and for apprenticeships. These include academic competitions such as the national Maths Challenge, Biology and Chemistry Olympiads. We are proud to be the only school in the county to be partnered with New College, Oxford. This provides opportunities for students to access their Step-up programme focussed on improving the success of applications to the Oxford and Cambridge University.

Supporting Aspiring Oxbridge Students

To support aspiring Oxbridge students, Denmark Road Sixth Form is the only Gloucestershire based school to have partnered with the Oxford University for their New College Step Up Programme.  This is an exciting and supportive five-step programme that prepares students for every part of the competitive application process.

The aim of the programme is to ensure that students have all the information, tools and skills required for a successful application to attend University in Oxford or Cambridge or an Ivy League University in the US.  

Our Step Up partnership with Oxford University has been hugely successful since it began.  In addition to the number of successful students achieving coveted places at Oxford and Cambridge every year, it has encouraged students who may not have previously considered Oxbridge to apply and realise their new ambitions.  

Supporting Aspiring Medics, Vets and Dentists

The Denmark Road MVD programme is designed to support any students who may be interested in pursuing a career within the Medical Field or Veterinary Science. The programme provides a platform for students to discuss ideas and concerns around the medical world including taking part in ethical debates.  Through close links with Gloucester Royal Hospital and local GP, Dental and Veterinary practices, the MVD programme is invaluable in securing the relevant work experience placements which are a requirement for any successful university application on these competitive courses.  Students on the MVD programme are fully prepared for external entrance exams such as UCAT and BMAT and even work with Medic Mentor to profile students and help with the University selection.

Read more about our Oxbridge Step-Up Programme

Join Denmark Road Sixth Form and leave us as innovative, ambitious and self-aware leaders of the future. Find out more about what our current students think here: