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Transportation to School

Located in the centre of Gloucester, we are ideally situated for easy access via a variety of public transport services including buses and trains. We also have regular services from private bus companies offering school transport. Arrangements for these are made between the parents and the bus service directly and not through the school. Please therefore check with individual bus companies for further information.

Bennetts coaches

School Routes:
DR 1 – DR 8 (Joint service with Sir Thomas Rich’s School)
PA 1 (Joint service with Pate’s Grammar School).​​​​

01452 527809Bennetts Coaches


School Routes: 
Bristol or Swindon to Denmark Road High School.

01453 825774KB Coaches


School Routes: 
M13/M14 service with Sir Thomas Rich’s School. 

01242 257585Marchants Coaches (DRHS)
Forest of dean 01531 821227
FR Willettss 01594 810080Willetts Coaches
Gloucestershire County Council Education Transport Office

01452 425372Train enquiries:  08457 484950