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School Vision & Ethos

"Nothing less than positive progress and wellbeing for all."

Our Values
  • We Discover who we are. We recognise and celebrate ourselves and our communities, encouraging both autonomy and collaboration.
  • We Realise our health and happiness. Through every tailored experience we are prepared for who we want to be in the world.
  • We act with Honour. Everyone is known, valued, included and celebrated. We act with kindness, consideration and understanding. We play our part in local, national and global communities. We stand up for ourselves and what we believe to be right.
  • We Shape the future for ourselves, others and the planet. We are global citizens who embrace challenge, adapt to change and flourish through opportunity.
Promoting British Values

As a school, we actively promote positive, inclusive values in line with The Department for Education's legislation and guidance for schools to ‘promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.’

These values play a key role in all that we do and are encapsulated in our Mission, Values, Vision and Strategic Priorities.


Vision 2027

Our people matter. Our healthy and happy students have the confidence to be themselves. They are empowered to be positive disruptors, to aspire and achieve. Our diverse and inspirational staff have licence to be creative in the classroom and innovative throughout the school. In every experience, we are kind to ourselves and others. Our people are valued, celebrated, nurtured and supported on their journey to success. Wellbeing and positive mental health for all are our core focus. We appreciate and enhance the qualities of all our people. We are pioneers in education nationally and internationally.

Our curriculum provides learning which extends beyond any particular subject. By developing the person we achieve exceptional outcomes. Our curriculum provides the space to immerse ourselves in life-shaping and life-changing learning and experiences. Learning from their context and starting point our students develop into dynamic thinkers, able to learn, unlearn and relearn. Our whole school curriculum is future minded. It develops through learning from and with others in school and beyond. It is relevant to and resonates with all of our students, so that they are ready for whatever they want to be in the world.

Our school is at the centre of a strong and connected community. We share our knowledge, expertise and experience, enriching us and everyone in our network. Our students take an active role in the community through volunteering, collaboration and shared respect. We work with local and global businesses, charities and other organisations. Our parents and alumni know, understand and contribute to the life of the school. Our spaces are developed with both our people and our wider community in mind. We actively seek to overcome disadvantage in our recruitment of students. We promote equality through equitable practice. We use resources efficiently to ensure sustainability of the school and of our planet.