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Denmark Road High School

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Student Leadership


Our Sixth Form students are a very visible part of day-to-day life at Denmark Road through a variety of leadership opportunities. Sixth Form is a valuable time to hone and develop leadership skills before moving on to university, apprenticeships or employment.  Our leadership roles offer our students the opportunity to gain experience of working with a wide range of people in a variety of different areas of the school. 

Senior Student Team

Student activism is championed by our Senior Student Team. Collaboratively they act as the bridge between student voice and the Senior leadership Team. Each member is elected following a rigorous process involving a letter of application, interview, and hustings where they pitch their change project to take the school forward. The implementation of their change projects plays an important part in the school’s redevelopment and continued evolution of the school.

Lilly Willmott

Role: Careers and Future Planning

My role as part of the senior team is to ensure that students are fully supported in terms of their subjects choices and career options. My goal is to create an environment where each and every student is excited about their future, and fully aware of the range of paths they can take. There isn’t one size fits all, everyone’s future is different and the opportunities are endless. 

Personally, I am aspiring to study psychology at university, and to have a career as a developmental psychologist.


Tasha Sinoj:

Role: Our Environment

As part of the Senior Team, I am responsible for ensuring that students have a good environment both inside and outside the classroom. This includes feeling comfortable and happy in the classroom, whilst also having an area where students can relax and, essentially, reconnect to nature and themselves. 

In the future, I hope to study Veterinary Medicine in order to become a Vet. 


Haadi Sarafudheen: 

Role: Diversity and inclusion 

My role on the senior team is to promote and highlight the importance of equity, diversity and inclusion, by uplifting and educating our students. I want to ensure that our school is a space where culture and education can thrive simultaneously by celebrating the different pieces of our students' identities which creates the wonderful mosaic of who they are.

After completing my A-levels, I hope to study biomedical sciences at university in order to pursue a career in healthcare. 


Zainudeen Takolia:

Role: Unicef UK Rights Respecting Schools Award and Community Engagement

My role on the senior team is to help support and implement the Unicef UK Rights Respecting Schools award which aims to put children’s rights at the heart of everything the school does as well as developing the school’s relationship with the local community.

I hope to study Politics and International Relations at university and pursue a career in the civil service or consultancy


Tatjana Radsic

Role: Communications & Engagement 

My role on the senior team entails using social media as a means of reconstituting traditional ways of communication across all students. I plan digital campaigns to establish a real image for the school and build community to increase student engagement and bring students' visions to life. 

I aim to study Economics at university in order to pursue a career in financial analysis 


Eleanor Steele

Role: Mental health and well-being 

My role on senior team is to promote the mental health and well-being services currently provided within and outside of the school, as well as, raising the profile and activities of the senior team with all year groups within the school community.

I am hoping to study natural sciences at university in order to pursue geophysics in the future.


Zuha Saqib: Student Voice

My role on the senior team consists of bridging the gap between the staff and student bodies. It is imperative that every member of the school is heard and valued. I work with both the staff and the students to create an environment where all individuals can thrive and attain their full potential.

I hope to study Accounting & Finance at university in order to pursue a career in finance in the future.

House Officials

The house system is led by elected sixth form house officials. We are the figureheads who motivate and encourage all students in our house to be involved in both new and annual house events, competitions and events. 

The best part of the house system at Denmark Road High School is the sense of community and house spirit. By bringing people together from the same house to achieve a common goal allows us to form bonds, test our teamwork and learn new skills. Students can show their creative skills and as house officials, it is so rewarding to be a part of that process and help to coordinate it. As the house officials, we help to encourage and motivate house spirit and participation and in turn help the transition into secondary school for younger years or into the sixth form. It is a rewarding and valuable responsibility which develops vital leadership skills.  


Sixth Form Peer Supporters

We have a fantastic team of Sixth Form “peer supporters” who work with younger students in the school every lunchtime.  They help students to manage friendship issues, organisation problems and other worries; they offer a friendly face to a number of students. 

Sixth Form Subject Supporters

Across subject areas there are opportunities for sixth formers to use their subject expertise to support the progress of others. Mentoring others is an amazing way of enhancing your own proficiency of understanding whilst of course enabling someone else to further their knowledge and understanding.

Library Prefects

Sixth Form students are also given the opportunity to be “Library Prefects”, this team is always a tremendous asset to the day to day running of the LRC. 

Training is provided for students undertaking leadership roles. All students in the Sixth Form are expected to take an active role in supporting school events throughout the year. 

Discover+ Leadership Opportunities

Sixth Form students will be given opportunities to support students in lower years to experience their Discover+ curriculum.  This includes supporting staff in sessions or running enrichment clubs.  Our Sixth Form student led dissection club is particularly popular!  

Mentoring Opportunities

Our school finishes early each Friday at 14:35.  However, some students in Years 7 to 11 remain in school for study sessions. Sixth Form students take the opportunity to support these study sessions and provide invaluable small group mentoring.