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Denmark Road High School

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Year 10 & Year 12 Academic Review Days

Term 6 Face to Face Contact (Year 10 and Year 12)

The Year 10 and Year 12 Academic Review Days will give you an opportunity to meet with each of your subject teachers to review your progress in your GCSE and A Level courses and share individualised feedback on the work you have completed during Assessment Week.  

The day will run from 9am - 3:20pm.  Students in Year 10 will need to arrive no later than 8:50am and no earlier than 8:20am.  Students in Year 12 can arrive in good time for their first appointment.  

There will be one tutor group in school each day.


Year 10 Academic Reviews Days

29th June      10Ba

30th June      10Be

1st July            10H

2nd July         10K

3rd July          10M



Year 12 Academic Review Days

6th July        12AL

7th July        12AP

8th July        12LEM

9th July        12PS

10th July       12RK




All students will need to book appointments with each of their subject teachers.  This is whether you are attending onsite or online. 

Appointments will be made through our new Parents Evening System.  Full details about this will be published shortly.  The system will be live to book appointments from 15 June 2020.  

If you, or your teacher, are unable to attend the Academic Review appointment on-site you will be invited to a Google Meet meeting by your teacher at the start of your appointment time. 

Please, therefore, be advised if you are on-site it is important you have your laptop / mobile device with you (fully charged) for the day.  We will provide you with the BYOD password to access free wifi.  


Year 10

Time Year 10
8:50am Arrival
9:00am Appointment Slot 1
9:20am Appointment Slot 2
9:40am Appointment Slot 3
10:00am Appointment Slot 4
10:20am Break 1  (20 minutes)
10:40am Appointment Slot 5
11:00am Appointment Slot 6
11:20am Appointment Slot 7
11:40am Appointment Slot 8
12:00pm Break 2  (20 minutes)
12:20pm Appointment Slot 9
12:40pm Appointment Slot 10
1:00pm Appointment Slot 11
1:20pm Appointment Slot 12
1:40pm Break 3  (20 minutes)
2:00pm Appointment Slot 13
2:20pm Appointment Slot 14
2:40pm Appointment Slot 15
3:00pm Appointment Slot 16
3:20pm Departure

Time will be provided in the day for supervised social distanced 'social time'  in small group bubbles.  


Year 12

Time Year 12
8:50am Arrival
9:00am Appointment Slot 1
9:30am Appointment Slot 2
10:00am Appointment Slot 3
10:30am Break (30mins)
11:00am Appointment Slot 4
11:30am Appointment Slot 5
12:00pm Appointment Slot 6
12:30pm Lunch (60mins)
1:30pm Appointment Slot 7
2:00pm Appointment Slot 8
2:30pm Appointment Slot 9
3:00pm Appointment Slot 10
3:30pm Departure

Students in Year 12 will be able to arrive at a time when ready for their appointments and leave after appointments are completed.  Students will not be able to leave the school site and then return later. Students are welcome to remain on site and work while not in appointments.    


Full details of our curriculum provision by year group may be found  here.