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World Challenge Malaysia Blog

FInd out more about our World Challenge trip to Malaysia here


Wednesday 1st August

Chloe and Hayley were leading today, it was a tough start with most of the team feeling quite tired.  However, all kitted up, ready to go, we made our way to the waterfall before climbing and trekking route 8 up the mountain. This was physically challenging for some, whilst others were challenged in a more intense way.



Those that felt the pace of the group was slower than they would’ve liked, participated in a boot camp along the way. HIIT Sessions were delivered by Alice, and enabled the group to achieve a more challenging trek. 



Climbing higher into the mountain provided its difficulties, breathing was more difficult and slowed the pace of some. It was fantastic to see a real team effort in supporting those that required the encouragement to keep going. We made it to the top, and rested for a little while before making our way back down the mountain.



The trek started at about 8.30am and we returned to our hostel just before 3pm. 



A great day was had by all and the team atmosphere was fantastic! We are now looking forward to our R&R at Pangkor. 


Tuesday 31st July

We all had a tour of the Cameron Highlands today in Land Rovers, which were great fun. 

We went to the tea plantations and spent a bit of time admiring the great views. We also had a walk through the plantations and took some great photos and fun videos of the team doing their number count! The factory visit was very informative, and we were able to buy tea to sample.



Following on from our time in the plantation, we headed off to the Mossi Forest. This place was fantastic, it was like walking through a fairytale set. It very much reminded us of Puzzle-wood, however, you needed a permit to visit. Our hostel owner Lucas was a guide, and offered to take us through part of the forest with the time we had. There were a lot of steps, fantastic trees and of course a lot of moss!



Those of us who were slightly vertically challenged, were met with additional hurdles getting over branches and rocks. 



We were also fortunate enough to climb the tower to view the skyline across the Cameron Highlands.  This was 2000m above sea level, fantastic just doesn't even come close!


In the afternoon we went to the big strawberry farm, picked a few strawberries and enjoyed a variety of strawberry drinks and desserts.


Tomorrow we will be heading off on our trek early in the morning, and will spend most of the day exploring the forest and it's tracks, whilst challenging our fitness throughout the day. With only 5 days left we want to make the most of our time on expedition, before heading south to the island for our R&R.


Monday 30th July

Cameron Highlands

We all had our first late start this morning, then headed off on our first trek. 


Eryn was the leader today and was excellent at directing the team, we had a great start going through the paths in the jungle, and followed a variety of trekking routes. It was quite muddy and steep in places, and provided a bit of challenge getting past a few hurdles.


A special mention must go to Ellen for her excellent coaching and support of others through the more difficult sections. The sweaty humid conditions, provided an interesting addition to the trek! 



We will be visiting a local restaurant this evening for dinner and then heading to the Mossi Jungle, Strawberry farms, and the butterfly centre tomorrow. 



We are currently staying at CH Travellers, and will be there for 4 nights. The hostel is fantastic and the owner has supported the girls with plans for the week. 


Sunday 29th July

Another great day today!

Had a fantastic time white water rafting along in Gopeng with Riverbug. In teams of 4s and 5s we battled our way through a Grade 3 river with numerous large boulders and rocks along the way.... With only s couple of girls going overboard, it was a very successful trip!

Health and safety was very thorough and instructions of what to do if you fall out were great. We met another World Challenge team and rafted as a large group, the guides were fantastic!

We have now arrived in The Cameron Highlands and will be trekking for the next three days, through tea plantations, and following a variety of routes for different types of challenge. Ellen did a fantastic job at leading, and Eryn will be taking over that role for our first trekking adventures.


Saturday 28th July

It was our last day at the project today, we all had a great day chalk painting and doing relays , it was really sad to say goodbye, after building up great relationships with the children. It was Alice's birthday today ( expedition leader) so we all shared cake and sang happy birthday. The children at the school sang a lovely song to us to say goodbye, and brought some of the girls to tears. Another visit to the central market and dinner out this evening, provided a great touch to the day.



Tomorrow, (sunday) we are departing KL and heading off with river bug to our white water rafting activity. We have a two and a half hour drive to our activity before then heading off to the Cameron Highlands.




Friday 27th July

In the evening we visited chinatiwn for a night market and the team braved the famously awful smelling durian fruit! The team has been fantastic and worked excellently together, it has been great to see the confidence of the leaders grow each day. Tomorrow is our last day at the project before moving on to white water rafting with river bug then the Cameron Highlands.


Another great day at the project, sport and music provided an excellent performance from everyone. ULC children performed some excellent, passionate songs for us, assisted by an electric guitar, and drums! We also contributed to the prayers and offering with a couple of songs, performed beautifully by the girls. Lunch and dinner was cooked by the school for us today, and we provided them with the main ingredients for all to enjoy.





Thursday 26th July

Great to see everyone at the project get involved and fully immerse themselves into the experience, they were all fantastic! Completely out of their comfort zones for some, but all did a great job - and absolutely loved it. Central market this evening was an overwhelmingly exciting place to buy handmade artefacts, clothes, and souvenirs. A great treat at the end of a busy day!

Project phase in KL at United Learning Centre. The team was fantastic under the direction of Hannah leading today at the project. A great day teaching and playing music and doing team relays.



Wednesday 25th July

The end of a long day.  Finished nicely with delicious dinner in KL Sentral and the street food markets!


Street Markets

Moved over to Butik Bintang this evening to our 'Revopackers' hostel, and enjoyed the buzz and vibes of the street food markets.


Declious Dinner


Had s great debrief reflecting on adventures and how leaders and the team can improve on all aspects within the group on the next phase of the trip. 

We are heading to our project phase at United Learning Centre, all are prepared with lesson plans and resources ready for teaching. Hannah will be leading the team for the day.   Very positive feedback was provided by all, and theart of leadership is certainly improving daily. Excellent team work by all!



The Batu Caves were fantastic, definitely worth a visit! Watch out for the cheeky monkeys, they take everything and anything they can get their hands on!

cheeky monkey


Off to explore the Batu Caves!




A fantastic day getting to know our way around KL! Great leading by Cara, and a fantastic team atmosphere.


Off to explore KL this morning!



Tuesday 24th July

After a long two days travelling, we visited ABC Bistro for some local delicacies. We also had a great reception at Pod Backpackers, and spent some time with the locals having a sing along and enjoyed listening to some fantastic mashups! Well done to Eryn, Chloe and Nelly for being stars of the show! Sophia and Binita did an excellent job at leading the team through the airports, and sorting out transport into KL Sentral.


Supper on the first night


The team has landed (6pm local time) in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.  Despite tiredness from their long journey they are all very excited about the adventures ahead.  


Monday 23rd July

The team were late arriving in Istanbul after a delayed flight.  This was compounded by further delays leaving Istanbul due to thunderstorms.    Nevertheless the whole team are in very good spirits!  


The World Challenge team are ready to depart!  

Team Ready to Depart