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KS3 Science

KS3 Science gives students a broad introduction to the subject, with topics covering each of the three traditional disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. KS3 is about nurturing curious learners with an interest in how science works in the world around them. They will develop a variety of important skills, including practical experimental skills, accurate use of scientific language, and the implications of science in industry and for the environment. A variety of teaching strategies and activities are employed and students are encouraged to become independent learners. In KS3 students will have three formal assessments throughout the year, which will cover all their knowledge up to that point, as well as a number of formative tasks, practical activities or projects that teachers will assess.

Students are usually taught by one teacher in Year 7 (though they may sometimes have two teachers) and have five lessons a fortnight. Currently, six topics are studied in Year 7, which include acids, matter, reproduction, speed, adaptations and space.

In Year 8, the students usually have two teachers and have six lessons a fortnight. At present a further eight topics are covered, which include genetics, the periodic table, metals, light, sound, electricity, health and photosynthesis.


KS4 Science

In Year 9, students begin the GCSE course, and will have twelve lessons a fortnight, taught by three teachers; one each for Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

At KS4 we follow the AQA GCSE, where most will students take Triple Science and gain separate qualifications in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, following exams in each subject at the end of Year 11.

In some cases, some students may take the Combined Science (Trilogy) course where they study slightly less content in each subject area and will gain two Science grades overall; as an example, this may be done to support students who have a lot of additional commitments to fit around school studies, and will reduce the amount of content they would need to cover.

Both Triple and Combined Science course are taught by subject specialist teachers, and both routes will allow students to study any of the three Science subjects at A-Level.

Please see the subject pages for more information about the GCSE courses and content!