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Denmark Road High School

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Religious Studies

Religious Studies is not just for the religious!  Here at DRHS we find that studying RS, at whatever level, Year 7, GCSE or A Level, means you are studying a vibrant, engaging and worthwhile subject. RS is relevant in today’s society; it helps students to think of the world around them, how to interact, and encourages deeper thinking.

Religious Studies aims to develop skills of identification, understanding, problem solving, analysis and evaluation, all of which will enable students to become valuable members of society who will understand and respect diversity.  Many of our students enjoy the subject as it helps them to form their own opinions, as well as being fun to learn.

Throughout the school RS is seen as an academic, high achieving subject.  Not only do students study discrete religions, but they study the philosophy of religion and of course as ethical and moral issues that are relevant to the 21st Century.  These include abortion, genetic engineering, business and environmental ethics. As one of our current students says “RS makes you think”, and as Descartes said ‘I think therefore I am.’  So come and study with us in the RS department, feel challenged and enjoy thinking.