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Denmark Road High School

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Denmark Road High School PTA raises money towards equipment and improvements at the school which cannot be covered by the normal school funds.

The PTA seek to support large projects wherever possible within the school and  these include the purchase of a new Minibus in 2012 and the refurbishment of the Dining Hall in 2011/2.

Most recently we have contributed £7000 towards the new lockers for the Sixth Form.

Alongside the large projects we also fund subscriptions in the library and prizes for the schools annual prize giving.  Any other monies that we may have is shared out in each department within the school via requests from staff and students. Each of these requests is discussed by the PTA Committee and where we feel that we can help the most, to the benefit of the students, the funds are granted.

In order for us to be able to donate to the school we do obviously rely heavily on your support at fundraising events being run by the PTA and direct gifts.  Every penny of profit made by the PTA is spent directly on improving your daughters’ and sons’ experiences at Denmark Road High School so your continued support is very much appreciated.

If you feel able to help us raise funds, by making a regular/one off donation to the PTA, please find the relevant forms required at the bottom of this page.


Nearly ten years ago, we helped the school to purchase a new minibus.  Sadly, that minibus is no longer 'new' and the school feel that it is time for a replacement.  The PTA feel that the minibus is something that a lot of students will benefit from across the school through sport, music and trips and, therefore we have decided to concentrate our fundraising on helping to acquire the much-needed transport.

The Dining Room 

The old dining room has been completely refurbished with the old flooring, tables and chairs replaced by new modern materials and group seating. The total cost of £20,000 was covered by funds from the PTA


Donation History 

Our policy is to spend the majority of our fundraising efforts in the following year so that those who have contributed see the benefits.  To give you an idea of the contributions we have made to the school as a result of the PTA events and the generous regular donations of parents, here is a list of all the items we have purchased in the last four years.

Purchases in Academic year 2016-17

 Prize-giving contribution  £2,000
 Gazebo (money allocated)  £7,000
 Dining room furniture  £5,000


Purchases in Academic year 2015-16

 Prize giving contribution   £2,000 
 Lockers for the Performing Arts building  £7,000 


Purchases in Academic year 2014-15

 Two Canon Digital SLR cameras  £495 
 Free weights for Physical Education  £395 
 Carnegie list books for LRC  £225 
 Laser cutter cartridge  £1,000 
 Science, literacy and history references  £505 
 Periodicals  £600 
 Food processors and stock pots  £540 
 Printing press/flatbed scanner  £565 
 IPad Air for Music Department  £335 
 Bean bags for Sixth Form  £105 
 Bean bags for Ministeries  £100 
 Long Jump Pit contribution  £2,000 
 Prize-giving contribution  £2,000 

Purchases in Academic year 2013-14

 Eight easels and paper trimmers for Art  £545 
 DVD stand  £230 
 Four Canon Digital SLR cameras  £850 
 Prize-giving contribution  £2,000 
 Carnegie list books for LRC  £300 
 Library subscriptions  £900 
 School minibus contribution  £21,800 

Purchases in Academic year 2012-13

 TV for school reception area  £285 
 Carnegie list books for LRC  £300 
 Library subscriptions  £900 
 Portable projector  £500 

Purchases in Academic year 2011-12

 Refurbishment of far field shed  £2,500 
 Projector for Textiles room  £1,200 
 Computer and hard-wired network  £900 
 Project storage boxes  £500 
 Ministry of Arts equipment  £500 
 Keyboard and accessories  £280 
 Speakers for Maths Department  £225 
 Networked duplex printer £190 
 Carnegie list books £150 
 Roller board writing surface  £110 
 Psychology textbooks  £60 
 Prize-giving  £2,000 
 Refurbishment of dining room  £5,000