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Denmark Road High School

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History at Denmark Road is a vibrant and successful subject.  At parents’ evenings, we are frequently told, “I wish History was like this when we were at school”, or even asked “Can I join in the lessons as well?”

Everybody loves History.  Think about blockbuster films such as “Titanic” or “Robin Hood”; or the millions who tune in to watch “Downton Abbey” or even “Horrible Histories”!

We aim to make History enjoyable and engaging.  Our lessons utilise a variety of learning styles and media, to ensure that all students are involved and challenged.  At KS3 we study British History since 1066, plus a thematic study of Crime and Punishment Through Time; and investigations into the horrors of Slavery and 17th Century witch trials.

One of the key aims of our teaching is to explain “why the world is like it is today”, and our new exam courses include topics such as Apartheid in South Africa, the development of the Cold War and Conflict in the Middle East.  We also visit Chepstow Castle, Hampton Court, the Black Country Museum and the Somme battlefields. Visiting speakers and loans from the City Museum further provide a stimulating educational experience for our students.

History comprises every scandal, crime and gruesome act of violence imaginable, and is fascinating on that level alone.  It is made up of almost everything that is interesting or important to us – Science,  Engineering, Medicine, Economics, Art – to understand them, it is essential to understand History!