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Denmark Road High School

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On 3rd March, the Girls’ Lower School was re-named the Girls’ Endowed School.


As a temporary measure the School moved to Bearland House, Longsmith Street in April 1904. This was still not large enough to accommodate the staff and pupils but it was better than Mynd House. Anything that could be carried was - maps, pictures, ferns, and books went home for Easter and were brought to Bearland House afterwards.  

The Girls’ Endowed School was re-named Gloucester Girls’ High School.  It became a grant-aided school.


Governors established Gloucester United Schools.  (The Crypt, Sir Thomas Richs’, the Girls’ High School and the Municipal School for Science, Art and Technology).

In 1906 it was decided there was need for a Public Secondary School for Girls, to be called the Girls’ High School.  A building would be provided for 350 pupils.  The school would be for girls aged 8 to 18/19, entrance to be by examination and interview.  Fees of £2 2s 0d a term for juniors (£165) and £2 16s 0d a term for seniors (£219).  Girls came from as far away as Cam, Dursley, Lydney, Newent, Dymock and Tirley.


On 18th October, a memorial stone was laid at Denmark Road.

Governors established Gloucester United Schools

In December girls took home their special and personal objects and in January, long processions of girls carried chairs, folding desks, easels, microscopes and maps through the streets of Gloucester, to their new school in Denmark Road.


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What's happening in history?

10th of October 1903 : Emmeline Pankhurst forms the Suffragette Movement
17th of December 1903 : The Wright Brothers take Flight
6th of June 1905 : Einstein Produces Theory of Relativity
13rd of February 1907 : Suffragettes Storm Westminster
27th of February 1907 : Old Bailey Opens
29th of November 1907 : Florence Nightingale presented with the Order of Merit
14th of November 1908 : Britain’s first female mayor elected