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Our School our Week 1st May 2020

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Our School, Our Week



DRHS Race around the world challenge – Happy Birthday Denmark Road High School!

Today, the 1st May, is the school’s birthday. On the school chats I can see that students are hungrily eating up the Denmark Road 365 Challenge activities, so today we are launching a new one to mark the school’s birthday, one we can do together even though physically we are not. 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is for us to walk/run/cycle/hop/skip/jump/cart-wheel (you get the idea!) around the world together! The equatorial circumference of the world is around 24,901 miles, so each staff member and student would need to cover nearly a marathon distance each (26 miles). It would be a BIG effort – will we make it the whole way around??

The challenge is an individual one, extended to student family members on this special occasion, and also to all our alumni (we need all the help we can get!). It is also a House Challenge and, if students wish to, one to raise money for NHS Charities Together (today is our 111th birthday on this site, with 111 as the NHS number, it seemed a good choice!).

What do you need to do?

  • The challenge will run from 1st May until the end of this term (Friday 22nd May 2020)
  • Set yourself a distance goal for this period (on your own, or with a group of friends, as a tutor group, as a family, with grandma who is a former student?)
  • Use an App of your choice to make a record of the activity you do on each occasion. Send a screenshot to your House email below:

  • We will award you a House Point for every mile you achieve as an individual
  • We will calculate the mileage covered by each House and give you regular updates as to how far you have travelled – the DRHS Race around the World champions will be announced at the start of term 6
  • Upload pictures and videos you are happy to share to the House emails and your year group chats. We will create a montage of your achievements.
  • If you wish to convert your hard work into sponsorship, please collect pledges from friends and family, they may add a donation by going to the fundraising page either via this link or by scanning the QR code (you are welcome to share both of these in your own communications). If you keep a record of the total you raise, we will award House points in recognition of your achievement. Don’t forget, people will want to know what you are doing and why, so make sure to tell them, perhaps in a poster detailing your challenge.

Don’t delay! Start today! Use your PE session to get some miles done!

Looking forward to celebrating the birthday, travelling the world and raising money for charity with you!

Miss Giblin


Student News


In their spare time…

Aria Paulson, Year 9, has been sewing fragrance pouches for babies in hospital.  This is because of Covid-19, some newborns aren't able to be with their mums, so we made fragrance pouches to capture their mums smell.  

Miriam Holmes, Year 9 – one of her many chicks hatched a few days ago.



Miriam Chibane, Year 7 designed and drew this wonderful envelope.


Year 8 History

During Term 4, Year 8 History students had been studying the development of Medicine Through Time. The final task was to look at why the NHS was set up and its successes. Sadly, this turned out to be an extremely relevant topic.   Students produced some absolutely outstanding - and poignant - work.  Here is Daisy Meggs’ work.



Mr Hathaway


Mr Hathaway also taught some of the students still attending school to juggle!

DRHS Challenge

Isla Goatley, Year 7, made afternoon tea for her family as part of the DRHS challenge.                                  

Mrs Simpson

Students have also been enjoying completing the DRHS challenge, many ‘reading dens’ have been created this week, they look like great fun.  And the perfect, peaceful place to take part in our DRHS reading marathon #readingforpleasure

Outstanding effort from Alisha Shaikh in 9K this week. She accumulated 130 points towards her DRHS 365 Challenge last week. 

Her completed challenges include:

Bake a cake (10) 

Design a garment and make it if you have the materials (10 and 10 bonus points) 

Work out how long it would take you to walk around the UK (10) 

Write a paragraph of a story then share it with someone else (10) 

Make a Photobook (20) 

Dealing with negative thoughts Part 1,2 and 3 (30 points in total) 

Dealing with stress (10) 

Activity 7 of the Languages Immersion Challenge (10) 

Activity 1 of Art is where the home is (10) 

UK School Art Challenge

Here are some examples of KS3 students’ artwork in response to the competition.  The theme is ‘Community’. 


Tilly Walters, Year 8, produced this artwork which represents the theme ‘community’. Although it only depicts one person, she is one of many activists in a community protesting against racial profiling in the US as part of the #blacklivesmatter movement.



Art Homework

Abigail Brooks, Year 9

Lyla McCattee, Year 9

I created in response to the theme 'community'. I decided to draw the community of people who are doing their best to help through the coronavirus pandemic - Boris Johnson, NHS staff, doctors, builders, military, teachers online, farmers, news reporters, the police and firefighters. 


Helping Others

Bethany Worthington 8K

Last Monday we had several Year 7s and Bethany in Year 8 in school.

Bethany was great - she was able to explain work to them and help them with all their IT issues and questions - all throughout the day.  She even got them building a fort in the gym as part of their DRHS Challenge!  It meant the new timetable and curriculum got off to a great start in the LRC.

Well done Bethany!                                                                                                                                                             Mrs Steele


Tutor Challenge

Year 7 and 8 enjoyed our Tutor Challenge at the end of last term: Celebrating the #chasetherainbow campaign to spread positivity during this time

Thank you!

We received a lovely letter at the Department of Critical care in Cheltenham from Emma Burrell in Year 7 thanking us for what we are doing. Many thanks, Becky (Sister Critical Care).

Toilet Roll Challenge – Year 8

Emily Walls and her 8BA tutees produced this wonderful video.  I think what she has done is brilliant and have given Emily and all those who contributed some praise points.

“Toilet roll challenges are a big deal on the internet at the moment and I took part in one outside of school. I thought it was a great idea and was really fun to do and the outcome looked good. I thought doing a class toilet roll challenge would be a great way to keep in touch with each other and also show what hobbies and activities we have been up to during quarantine.” 

Take a look here at this great video:

8BA Toilet Roll Challenge                                                           Miss Cook


Exercise Challenges

There were some fantastic exercise challenges completed by a high number of students last week. 

Highlights include:

Ellie Murphy in Year 7 mastered her round off back tuck.

Amber Saunders in Year 9 training hard doing jump conditioning for her cheerleading.

Nara Cox-Sonora in Year 9 completing a variety of Just Dance routines!   

Amelia Moore in Year 7 has been busy completing her daily Joe Wicks workout.

Year 11

Abigail Russell in 11QB has created these ‘positivity badges’ for NHS staff to wear. Her mum is currently working on the frontline.


Year 12 Geography

Year 12 Geographers have been embracing online learning through sharing reading and research they’ve carried out about human rights using an interactive website ‘padlet’ which acts as an interactive, virtual white board… perfect during these times of lockdown learning.


Another thank you to Mrs Bailey…

Just a note to say a big thank you for the PPE visors. They are being put to good use. I gave some of the spares to a nearby nursing home who have been hit particularly hard with the virus.

Many thanks and take care,

Leah Jones




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