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Denmark Road High School

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Birthday Service, Enriching ourselves, Student Senior Team, GCSE Season, Up-to-date and Personal and Forward Look

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Picture of the Week - Year 7 INVEST Day

During our INVEST Day we turned trash and fashion into trashion! It was extremely fun, it involved lots of teamwork and  I made new friendships with people in my Deal group.

Our task was to design a dress made from recyclable materials. We could pick a theme or just do something completely random! My group started by picking the theme of “nature”. We had many ideas about what to make the dress out of but in the end we went for a brown paper bag bodice and a tissue paper skirt. We decorated the brown bag with some tissue paper leaves and a sash made out of cardboard. We used brown and green tassels as a skirt. Our model almost looked like a hula dancer! We created some milk bottle lid earrings and a headband made from curtain rings tied together with string as accessories. Our final design was called “Mother of Nature”.

We Discover, Realise, Honour & Shape

Over the course of my first 100 days as headteacher I have consulted with our community to develop our vision for the school. This was shared at the School's Birthday celebration last Friday. The Vision draws from the past with reference to our school motto 'In honour preferring one another', but also looks to the future. 

​Our school's motto is: 'In honour preferring one another'.
Honour is about respect.  It is about acting with kindness and consideration.  The motto is about doing this without waiting for someone to show you that behaviour first, you take the initiative in setting the standard.  The motto is above all about family.  At Denmark Road we are a family and we value everyone as an individual.  From the moment you gain your place at Denmark Road, during your time with us and throughout your adult lives you are part of our family, you will always be Denny.
This motto endures in our new vision statement.  However it is vital to understand that before we can act in kindness and consideration to others we must first of all value ourselves.  This is not selfish, it is necessary.  Without personal discovery, ambition and health we cannot realise our personal best and therefore cannot offer all that we are.
So our vision statement combines these two elements, value of self worth and value of others.
At Denmark Road High School we Discover, Realise, Honour and Shape.
Our Vision
We create empowered individuals ready to move forward with confidence, curiosity,​ ​
integrity and commitment. We, individually and collectively, are ready to discover and
realise our personal best, with honour, shaping our futures by creating opportunity and
​ ​flourishing through challenge and change.
Our task now is to bring this vision to life through our school development plans
Full details of our core values, purpose and a vivid description of our school in the future can be found here.

Student Senior Leadership Team

At the Birthday Service last Friday the current Student Senior Team handed over their responsibilities to the new team.  It has been a great pleasure to work with Sophie, Poppy, Jacob and Anna, they have been great ambassadors and developed so much as leaders.

The new Student Leadership Team will focus on developing effective and efficient student voice within the school.  The structure and appointed students are as follows:

Head Students:                      

George Adamson, Madeleine Cross, Katharine Forbes, Abbie Giles

House Captains:                     

George Wood, Grace Burden, Etain O’Donnell, Hannah Johnston, Matthew Merritt

Assistant House Captains:    

Charlotte Lane, Esme Savage, Poppy Birkby, Megan Kenny, Irene Juby

Sport House Captains:            

Isabelle Arris, Hannah Mutlow, Connor McCarthy, Obed Tayo, Joe Meadows

Drama House Captain:          

Isabel Fussell, Morgan Woodfine, Jessica Avery, Emma Williams, Cara McAtee

Senior Prefects (one linked to each tutor group):

Abigail Bennett, Poppy Bond, Lucy Byatt, Isobel Collyer, Nicola Daughtrey, Caitlin Dunnett, Sarah Freeman, Safiya Ginwalla, Georgia Haigh, Daisy Halford, Amber Karadia, Anna Kemmett, Scarlett Kittle, Lydia McGregor Bravo, Renjitha Michael, Isobella Miller, Georgia O’Connor, Aleena Philip, David Preece, Enasio Rosselli Sharpe, Lisa Sebastian, Isobel Selwyn, Ashmitha Srirasan, Anya Teague

Enriching ourselves

On Monday we held our last INVEST day for this academic year. Year 7 students had a fabulous day up-cycling materials to make clothes for their catwalk parade. Year 8 went to Weston-Super-Mare for Geography fieldwork and Year 9 attended workshops to raise their awareness of drugs and their impact. Year 10 completed their English Spoken Language Assessments and studied, revision was also the focus for Year 11 & 13. Year 12 began preparation for their university applications.

Megan Cordell's account of the Drugs Awareness Day:

Year 9 students took part in a drugs awareness day and it turned out better than expected. The year were split into form groups where we rotated around different activities. We really learned a lot throughout the day and it helped broaden our understanding of drugs and the effects of taking them. We also had outside speakers come in, which was really interesting to listen to as it gave us a first-hand insight of what the world of drugs was really like. As well as this, a police officer came in and we got to ask him questions about the police force, drugs, and the industry in general. Overall it was a great experience and I learned a lot of important things, as well as having a better knowledge of drugs.

GCSE Season

Best wishes to Year 11 who will be going on study leave next Thursday. There is no need for luck, our students put the hours in to secure their results. It is also really important that they look after themselves during this period. Rest and relaxation are important features of effective study too.

Year 10 also embark on their first GCSE experience in the coming weeks. 
B​est wishes for your RS GCSE examinations.
​Up-to-date and Personal

As you will probably be aware the new GDPR data protection regulations come into force later this month.  This affects how your personal data is managed by companies and by our school.  To address these new regulations we are in the process of further upgrading our network security to ensure your data is fully protected.  We are also updating our privacy policy.  This is to ensure we only hold accurate and pertinent personal data, for example, your correct contact details should we need to contact you in case of an emergency. 

During term 6, we will be sharing our new privacy policy and asking you to check the information that we hold on you to ensure it up-to-date and accurate. 

Forward Look

Saturday, 5th May            D of E Bronze Assessment (returns 6th)

Monday, 7th May             Early Spring Bank Holiday

Monday, 14th May            Year 10 RS GCSE Exam

Wednesday, 16th May      Year 10 RS GCSE Exam

                                              DTP Vaccination for Year 9

Tuesday, 22nd May           PTA Committee Meeting – 7.30 pm

Wednesday, 23rd May     International Song and Dance Evening – 7.00 pm

Friday, 25th May               Term 5 ends at 3.30 pm

Monday, 28th - Friday, 1st June - Early Summer Break ​
​Monday, 4th June​              INSET Day
Term 6 begins for students on Tuesday, 5th June.

Miss Claire Giblin