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Denmark Road High School

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Shopping event, PTA Quiz, Rembrance Day Assembly, Dangerous Behaviour

Dear Parents/Carers

  • Shopping Event: Friday 17th November 2017.
  • PTA Quiz.
  • Remembrance Day Assembly
  • Dangerous behaviour by young people on bicycles in traffic

Shopping Event: Friday 17th November 2017

Friday night’s Shopping Event is being held in the HALL at the High School for Girls between 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm.

We have more than 20 external stalls plus 14 students’ stalls selling everything that you could possibly want for Christmas. 

Come and taste the mulled wine or prosecco.  Win a MASSIVE Christmas hamper.

Any DONATIONS of mince pies, shop bought or homemade, would be greatly appreciated.

If you cannot come then buy your raffle tickets from reception.

Please come and support the PTA.

PTA Quiz

The hall was buzzing on Friday, 10th November when the PTA held a Quiz Night.  There was a fantastic atmosphere and everyone enjoyed the evening.  If you could not come to this Quiz Night there will be another one in the New Year so look out for the posters.  Thank you to all the parents/carers who supported the PTA at this event.

Remembrance Day Assembly

This assembly was held in the hall and commemorated in particular, the Battle of Passchendaele.  The Senior Team read about the battle and, in particular, two stories from the time, one of Arthur Roberts a soldier during this time and the other about Kate Luard, who was a nurse on the front line.  The assembly was begun with students who were in cadet uniform lighting candles.  It was a moving assembly.  It is important that we all remember the sacrifice that military people have made in the past and today so that we can be free.

Dangerous behaviour by young people on bicycles in traffic

I have been asked by the Gloucestershire Road Safety Team to remind cyclists that they should abide by the Highway Code.  If they don’t then this can result in prosecution.  Unfortunately, reckless, silly behaviour could result in the person ending up with a criminal record. The age of criminal responsibility is 10 years of age; this means that children over 10 can be arrested.

Below are details of offences specifically related to cycling on the highway and for which a rider could be prosecuted:




Max. Fine

Careless Cycling

Section 29 Road Traffic Act 1988

Riding without due care and attention.


Dangerous Cycling

Section 28 Road Traffic Act 1988

Riding in a way that falls far below what’s expected of a competent & careful rider.


Wanton or Furious Riding

Section 35 Offences Against the Person Act 1861

Wilful misconduct or neglect resulting in bodily harm to any person

2 years imprisonment

I am sure that students at the High School ride their bicycles safely to school and I have not witnessed any reckless behaviour. I hope that parents will take time to read the details provided and discuss it with their daughters/sons so that we can all work on safeguarding High School for Girls’ students.

Best wishes

Ewa Sawicka, Headteacher