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Denmark Road High School

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Year 13 Leavers

We celebrated Leavers’ Day with our wonderful year 13 cohort this morning. 

Denmark Road High School

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Year 13 Leavers’ Day

We celebrated Leavers’ Day with our wonderful year 13 cohort this morning. It is always a happy day celebrating their time here and looking forward to the next chapter of their lives. The costumes of both students and staff were amazing and as is tradition here at Denmark Road they have left messages tied to the tree in the quadrangle for other students to read. They have formed such strong friendships and I spoke with them about the importance of maintaining contact in the future. It is easy to lose touch with people as we move to new cities, countries and take on new challenges in our lives. There is a message there for us all about taking the time to reach out to those we care for.

Our school is undoubtedly a better place because Year 13 have been here and this afternoon the walls feel slightly hollow now they are gone. So many in the year group have given selflessly of their time to serve the school and its community as Senior Prefects, House Captains and the Student Senior Leadership Team, my thanks go to them all for being such wonderful ambassadors. I sincerely hope that Year 13 Leavers will stay in touch as alumni of the school, that they will come back and share with us how their lives develop, our students our always welcome here. They are forever Denny.

Head Students – my heartfelt thanks

The Student Senior Leadership Team this year was composed of Maddy Cross, George Adamson, Katie Forbes and Abigail Giles. They have developed so much as leaders over their time in post and have ably served the school on many occasions. My thanks and best wishes for the future go to them all.

Student Leadership 2019-20

This term we have welcomed applications from Year 12 students for our senior whole school leadership posts. The calibre of students is always impressive, they have written impressive letters in support of their application, been interviewed and presented to their peers in hustings. We are pleased to announce the following appointments:

Student Senior Leadership Team – Head Students

Remi Shah-Thornley, Jessica Davis, Stefan Hossle, Kate Hayes & Jemima Kelly

House Captains


Mary Stone


Erika Taylor


Amy Fitzgibbon      


Derryn Allinson     


Alex Baird

House Music Captains


Lana Slade


Josie Cartwright


Chloe Elliott

Kyneburga (Joint due to outside commitments)

Amelia Griffin


Bethany Loader

House Sport Captains


Oscar Mangan

Hartland (Joint due to outside commitments)

Lucy Brittain & Harriet Sanderson


Jimmy Speller

Kyneburga (Joint due to outside commitments)

Callum Townsend & Hannah McLaughlin


Sophia Garces


Help Us Grow!

Many thanks to those parents who have already responded to our latest fundraising campaign, your generosity is warmly received. For those of you who may have missed the information I would ask you read the following and if you are able to contribute we would be most grateful.

Here at Denmark Road High School, we’ve managed to achieve excellence in education for our students despite being located in one of the lowest funded authority areas in the UK. 

However the year on year increases in costs to ensure we operate our school at the expected standards are making it harder and harder for us to do just that.

The good news is that the Government's new National Funding Formula is being introduced which will provide a much needed financial boost.

The bad news is that this boost isn’t enough.

If we’re to build on past successes and continue to be able to offer our students a wide range of academic and enrichment opportunities in a safe, nurturing environment that promotes progress and wellbeing for all, then we need a further financial hug.

Our Help Us Grow (HUG) Fundraising Campaign aims do just that.  Our target is to raise £125,000 by the summer of 2020. It seems a lot but if just half our parent population donated £25 per month, we would achieve this figure by February 2020.

Funds raised will be used to develop our curriculum and facilities so that students can continue to Discover, Realise, Honour, Shape.

We’ll be updating regularly on the progress of what we’ve raised and its positive impacts on the school so you’ll be able to see how your donation is making a difference. 

So please give what you can to help us grow.  We really appreciate your support. 

Details of how to give are below:

Help us to Grow

On behalf of our school and all our wonderful students, we thank you.

Best wishes for the weekend,

Claire Giblin