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Denmark Road High School

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Year: 13                        House: Barwell

School Clubs/Teams I am part of:

Medicine Society, Human Rights Club, Library Prefect, Year 11 Medicine Society Leader

My future aspirations are:

To study medicine in order to follow my dreams of being a doctor


The best thing about learning at DRHS is …

 The amount of support available. Often, work can seem hard and that is the nature of A-Levels, but this is helped by the limitless support available at school from teachers in class and outside of class, pastoral support and peer support. It is rare to have so much support available and I believe this is the best thing about learning here at DRHS. You are both challenged to go far and beyond your comfort zone whilst still being given any support you need.

My teachers challenge me and make me Think Hard by …

Ensuring I am challenged and go beyond my comfort zone. By giving challenging work, I am able to think and truly apply my knowledge to any questions I am given as well as class work. Furthermore, my teachers go beyond the traditional textbook method of teaching by having effective lesson plans as well as practical learning skills. My teachers also incorporate work beyond classrooms such as prep-work to be completed before lessons in Biology to allow students to be given a chance to see the work beforehand and then see it a second time in class to truly embed knowledge and give us a greater understanding; question sheets in Chemistry to test our knowledge as well as making the more challenging questions seem more approachable; and prior and wider reading in English Literature to give students a broader understanding of the set texts. By encouraging wider reading in all subjects, I think hard and see the wider image of each topic. These methods of teaching help me to think hard about the topic and understand it in a broader view, more than any textbook could do.

One thing I love about being at Denmark Road is …

The sense of community. As an external student, I can truly appreciate the amount of support I have received to date being at Denmark Road. Everyone has been very welcoming and I have made many wonderful friends. There is a great deal of help available for your future aspirations. As someone who wishes to study medicine, I am given a lot of advice in regards to my career choice as well as many opportunities.  If you need help, there is always something available and I have learnt to ask for help if I need it. The teachers are all more than willing to help which I believe is valuable for all students here at Denmark Road. Despite being a young carer, this school has given me a lot of support to ensure that I don’t’ feel too overwhelmed and I know I can always speak to someone if I need to.