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Denmark Road High School

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Will We Be Able To Share Resources At School?

We need to minimise this as much as possible. Where it is not possible we will have cleaning / quarantine in place to make the sharing of resources as safe as possible.


The first way we will minimise sharing resources is for everyone to have their own stationery, mini whiteboard and goggles for Science and Design. You are responsible for bringing these items to school daily (goggles only on days you have timetabled lessons for science and design). You are responsible for looking after them and will have to pay to replace them should you lose or break them.

Other resources e.g. textbooks are more complex. These CAN be shared by students within one bubble only – without the need for them to be either cleaned or left for 48 hours  (non-plastic, plastic items 72 hours).


Two examples of this:

1) Year 7 German textbooks could be stored at the front of the classroom and used by multiple classes. This CAN still happen as long as ONLY YEAR 7 STUDENTS touch the textbooks (not the teacher).

2) Percussion instruments that would normally be in a music classroom could be put in boxes, marked for ‘Use of Year 8 only’ – and again, as long as ONLY students in that year group touch them, then they are free to be used as students need. If however you then wanted to use the instruments with a different bubble, then they would either need to be cleaned with an appropriate wipe OR left for 48 hours (non-plastic, plastic items 72 hours).


As staff should not circulate in classrooms, students will be asked to distribute resources wherever possible.