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Denmark Road High School

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What Will It Be Like In Classrooms?

In most classrooms the following applies:

As per the Government guidance, all classrooms have now been rearranged so that desks are in rows and facing the front – with as big a gap as possible between the teacher computer/board and students. The guidance requires that teachers stay 2m from students wherever possible and therefore we will initially need to ‘teach from the front of the classroom’ at all times. Whilst teachers may not be able to circulate, they will continue to use active learning strategies with you wherever possible.


This change in practice will be both challenging and frustrating. It will not be possible to go and have 1-1 conversations with you, to look over your shoulders at progress in books or to ‘move around the classroom to promote learning’. We need you to help your teacher support your learning: Speak up if you need help!


In all subjects where it is appropriate, seating plans will be used. You will need to stay at your allocated desk for the duration of the lesson unless asked to move by the teacher.


We have made some suggestions to staff regarding how to continue to support you from the front. For example, if a student has encountered a challenge they need help with (where the teacher would usually go over and help) you could either 1) use a mini white board to show your thinking, or 2) (if you have a phone) take a picture on your phone and email the teacher a picture of what is in your book.


As always we will embrace mobile technology that students may have. You may be asked to use apps such as Padlet (which allows for student collaboration) and Kahoot, the game based learning platform. Don’t worry if you so not have a smart phone, your teacher will make allowance for this, but if you do have one it is welcome in school to support your learning.


Students should be prepared that they may be asked to wipe their desk and chair before they leave the classroom



Practical Subjects

In practical subject areas such as PE, Design, Science, Textiles, the set up will be different and there will be particular hygiene and health and safety requirements to adhere to.

These are outlined in separate subpages of this page:

Food Lessons

Art Textiles Lessons

Computing Lessons

PE Lessons

Music Lessons

Science Lessons

Drama Lessons

Design Lessons

Art Lessons



You will also need to listen carefully to the instructions of your teachers and technicians.