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Denmark Road High School

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What Time May I Arrive On Site And Where Should I Go?

Students may arrive onsite from 8am.

Please see the section ‘Travelling to the school site’ for further information about how to get to school.


Students arriving by bus will enter via the Seabroke Road entrance.

If you walk or cycle to school please use the following entrances:

  • Sixth Form entrance – Year 12&13
  • Main Gates by the main school building, Denmark Road – Year 10 & 11
  • Lansdowne Road entrance – Year 9
  • Main Gates by the Gym, Denmark Road – Year 7 & 8


Our entrance gates are narrow, please be mindful of this and maintain a social distance of 2 metres wherever possible on entry to the site. Please also be aware of members of the public, when queueing to enter the site please do not block footpaths.

If you absolutely have to arrive on site earlier, you will be welcome to be in the Restaurant area from 7.30am. Please do not sit with anyone from another year group.



When you arrive:

You will need to sanitise your hands, then go directly to the room for your first lesson of that day. Please check your timetable.

On your way to that lesson please go to your year group toilets (see section ‘Which toilets may I use?’) to wash your hands. We understand that sometimes you may not have time to do this, but please do if possible.

Students whose first lesson is in SC1-7, FT1, PE, IT1, IT2, DS1, DS2, AS1, AS2 or TS1 will gather in the following areas by year group:

  • Gym 1 (Changing Room end) – Year 7
  • Gym 2 (Restaurant end) – Year 8
  • Hall – Year 9
  • Restaurant – Year 10
  • Conservatory – Year 11
  • Sixth Form Group or Independent Study areas – Sixth Form


There will be duty staff circulating from 8am and your teacher will arrive to start your lesson at 8.40am.