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Denmark Road High School

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What Happens at Break 1, Lunch and Break 2?

To keep students separate, each year group will have different arrangements for Break 1, Break 2 & Lunch.

Staff will take their breaks and lunch at the same time as students they are scheduled to teach during those periods.


Please note, water fountains will not be in use for the foreseeable future, students must therefore bring enough water to last the day.



The format of each break is detailed below:

Break 1 – 20 minutes

This is part of lesson 2 for all staff and students.

Students and staff may eat snacks and drinks from home. They may go to the toilet (please make sure you only use the toilets designated to your year group, see section ‘Which toilets may I use?’).


If it is a dry day you will go to your outside social zone as follows.  Duty staff will be available.

Year 7 – Outside the front of main school building

Year 8 – Grass area alongside the restaurant/conservatory

Year 9 – Grass area alongside the Gym / LRC / Science

Year 10 – Quad area and outside Humanities block

Year 11 – Grass area alongside the Gym / Sixth Form

Year 12 & 13 – Grass area around decking at front of sixth form, or either study area


If it is a wet day students in Years 7-11 will stay in your classroom, those in SC1-5 will go to the Restaurant and remain seated in their year / class bubbles. 

Please enter from Gym end and exit through the Conservatory. Students in the Restaurant may use toilets by Restaurant entrance.


Lunch – 30 minutes

During this time food may be bought from the restaurant, or food brought from home may be eaten. Students will eat either in the restaurant or in their outside social zone (see above).

Sixth Form will have provision from the sixth form centre café.



Break 2 – 30 minutes

Students will be in year social spaces outside (see above). If raining they will be in the main hall.  Sixth Form will be in study areas.


At each break and lunch, please try to go to the toilet and wash your hands for 20 seconds.