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Denmark Road High School

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What Do Year 10 and Year 12 Need to Bring?

We can't wait to see you.  So bring yourself, your positive attitude and your warm smile. 

The Academic Review Days will be non-uniform.  


In addition, please bring:

Bring your Own Device (and work on just your device)

Wherever possible we need not to share things as doing so can lead to the spread of infection. So we ask that you bring your fully charged laptop / mobile with you. Don’t worry if you can’t, we can lend you a laptop or computer, they are cleaned daily.


Lunch and drinks

There is no catering on site and water fountains are not in use at present, so please bring all the drinks and snacks you need for the day. Whilst we are a school of cake lovers I am afraid we can’t share our food at the moment, so bring what you need and refrain from sharing.


Your School ID Badge

Don't forget your ID pass.  You will need this to get through the locked doors on-site.



Handwashing for 20 seconds with soap and water, then drying your hands thoroughly with a hand dryer or paper towels is by far the best way of keeping infection at bay. However, at times handwashing is not practical, so if you can have some 70% alcohol sanitiser with you to use that would be great.


Bag for face covering

If you travel to school in a face covering you can’t wear it when you get on site (because it won’t be clean), so bring a plastic bag to contain it in when you are on site.

You don’t need to wear a face covering on site, but if you want to that is okay, it just needs to be a clean one that you put on when you get here.


All own equipment – pens, pencils etc.

As above, I am afraid we can’t share things. You need to bring everything you need for the day and not borrow a pen from someone else. But if you forget, let’s not panic, we can provide one for you and rub it in sanitiser first.