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Denmark Road High School

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What Do I Wear? (Uniform)

We have modified uniform requirements until further notice as follows:

  • No ties are to be worn. Please remain in summer shirts or winter shirts with top one or two buttons undone.
  • Blazers are optional (we are aware of the supply shortage)
  • Students should bring their PE hoodie and/or a coat as it may get cold as classrooms will have windows open, and students will be outside mainly during breaks and lunchtimes
  • Wherever possible shirts/skirts/trousers should be clean and fresh each day.
  • Uniform must be washed regularly.
  • On days when students have PE they should wear their PE kit (with DRHS tracksuit/leggings) to school. Changing rooms will not be used.


Look out for PTFA notices regarding Second Hand Uniform sales, a great way to have extra kit and lower prices.