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Denmark Road High School

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What Do I Need to Take with Me To SchooL?

The use of resources will remain problematic and will still need some careful consideration.

We will continue to ask all students to bring their own glue, scissors and lined paper to school (in addition to pens and calculators etc.), to avoid the need to share these in class.

Individual mini whiteboards, pens and rubber will remain a key learning resource that will be required in every lesson. Mini whiteboards allow students to quickly show their understanding to teachers and are a useful tool for planning. This will be helpful with Assessment for Learning (AfL) and building students confidence quickly given the inability for teachers to look in books and will mean that again no ‘sharing’ will be required. 

Students have also been issued with their own goggles for Science and DT. Students are recommended to keep goggles in a sock so they don’t get damaged. They are responsible for bringing them to each lesson. 

If students lose either they will be charged for replacements. Students should inform their tutor if they have immediately.