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Denmark Road High School

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Travelling to The School Site

We know that our students travel to school in a variety of ways and this is a time where carefully laid plans can easily go awry. We are relying on all involved to be sensible and do the right things. However, it is not possible for the school to manage all aspects of this and we welcome your support.


Whatever mode of transport is used, on entry, students must go straight to your Lesson 1 classroom, or your Year group muster point, detailed below, and nowhere else.

You must use the available hand-sanitiser as you enter areas and if time allows visit your year group toilets to wash your hands for 20 seconds.


Year Group Muster Points: 

Students whose first lesson is in SC1-7, FT1, PE, DS1, DS2 or TS1 will gather in the following areas by year group:

  • Gym 1 (Changing Room end) – Year 7
  • Gym 2 (Restaurant end) – Year 8
  • Hall – Year 9
  • Restaurant – Year 10
  • Conservatory – Year 11
  • Sixth Form Group or Independent Study areas – Sixth Form



Walking to School

We would ask that students walk in family groups or in year groups, to minimise mixing between different bubbles. Where possible, stick to social distancing and keep well away from members of the public. Please enter the site via your designated year group entrance (see section ‘What time may I arrive on site and where do I go?’)



Cycling to School

We have previously not had many students cycle to school but are expecting more to use this option. Entry should still be via your year group entrance. Students are welcome to use the bike store. They must use their own padlock. The school will not be responsible for any damage or theft from the area.

Students must wear a helmet.



Travel by Car

If parents are dropping their children off at the front of the school:

  • Please do so considerately to our neighbours and in accordance with the highway code.
  • Please avoid Seabroke Road where the buses drop off.
  • Consider dropping them off in adjoining roads and get them to walk from there – they don’t need to be dropped off right outside the gates.  



Travel by Public Transport

Continue to follow national rules e.g. wear masks at all times. This is the law.



Travel by School Bus

The School Buses are private charters, the company running your service will have been in contact with you about their specific protocols. Practice varies between companies but likely measures include:

  • Year groups being kept apart as much as possible on the buses, with set zones
  • Students may be required to wear a mask
  • Students being asked to use hand-sanitiser as they get onto the bus
  • Additional cleaning of vehicles