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Denmark Road High School

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The D.E.A.L seeks to raise the profile of the learning attributes that Denmark Road High School embeds across the curriculum and beyond.  Through a variety of teaching and learning styles; incorporating metacognitive strategies and co-constructive learning techniques, students are encouraged to view learning as a process. D.E.A.L seeks to guide the students’ learning through Discovery, Exploration And self-Learning.

"In my opinion, DEAL has increased my confidence to speak in front of large crowds of people. I have learnt how to compromise with the people who I am working with, without arguing. So far my favourite project has been the South Cerney task because as a team, we worked methodically and were able to finish the task well within the time limit. Overall, DEAL is a great way to improve on some skills that maths and English would not necessarily teach us."  Year 7 student.

D.E.A.L lessons aim to shift a student’s perception of learning from outcome orientated towards a value on process. Qualities of learning are emphasised and built upon in order to develop and improve confidence in a number of learning environments.  In Year 7 students focus on ‘D.E.A.L Skills’ such as those required to be successful team workers, negotiators, communicators, leaders and collaborators. Learning attributes are emphasised through skills orientated tasks. These attributes include: autonomy, independence, perseverance, risk takers, problem solving, time management and organisation.

"DEAL opens the doors of opportunity and learning."  Year 8 student.

D.E.A.L teaching guides students through attributes, encouraging students to make their own decisions and take responsibility for their own actions and learning.  The learning often comes from a need to alter plans, adapt initial ideas and build on mistakes. The language of the D.E.A.L is important to the students feeling secure in making mistakes.

"DEAL - friendships forever, learning together, give up never."  Year 7 student.

It is through developing a student’s appreciation of learning skills in themselves and others that equips them to approach other areas of the curriculum with confidence. At KS3 the language of D.E.A.L underpins the approach to learning.  In Year 9 and at KS4 the D.E.A.L skills and attributes make a natural progression to ‘Employability Skills’ and the journey towards the world of work or further education.

"DEAL is a very subject lesson.  Organisation and time management were two of my weaker skills and DEAL really helped me improve these."  Year 8 student.