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Denmark Road High School

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The Bubble Principle


Based on guidance from the DfE, from September we will be operating a ‘bubble’ structure around the school. From Monday 9th November Year 12 & 13 will be separated to form two year based bubbles and will be required to use different designated study areas (please see section 'Designated Sixth Form Study Areas from 9 November’ and also ‘Sixth Form 9th Lesson Arrangements from 9 November’)

We will have seven ‘student bubbles’:

·       Year 7

·       Year 8

·       Year 9

·       Year 10

·       Year 11

·       Year 12

·       Year 13


Within these bubbles you will be able to mix reasonably freely, whilst observing social distancing regulations. Students within a bubble can meet together and share resources etc.

However, students in different bubbles shouldn’t mix beyond the unavoidable.  Although you WILL end up mixing to some extent on buses to school and you will come into contact with each other in corridors.  HOWEVER we wouldn’t do an activity with students from multiple bubbles and each bubble will also have breaks and lunch separately (See ‘How is the school day structured?’ for details, also ‘Break and lunch arrangements Year 7-11 12 October’ and ‘Break and lunch arrangements Year 12 & 13’). 

All staff ‘sit outside’ these bubbles, as they will need, by necessity, to interact with multiple year groups.  For this reason the guidance is very clear that staff should remain 2m from both students and other staff members at all times, as far as is reasonably practical. Classes will be held in rooms as timetabled. We are also providing all staff with visors for transition between spaces (e.g. in corridors). Staff may also wear these in their classrooms if they wish.