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Denmark Road High School

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Student Transport

Students have been provided with very clear guidance from their school transport provider.  It is vital that this guidance is followed and that where seating plans are in place these are strictly adhered to.  In essence students need to sit in the same seat each day whilst travelling to and from school on school buses.  If any student is sat in your seat on a school bus then you must inform the driver immediately.

For students waiting to board a school bus the following should be adhered to:

  • Follow the instructions where given of the duty member of DRHS staff
  • Students should wear a face covering whilst waiting for their bus
  • Avoid contact with other year groups where possible
  • If your bus is in the second wave then wait on the school site until the buses have pulled up on Seabroke Road
  • If you are waiting for Denwell or Willetts services please wait either in the restaurant or preferably outside the Restaurant, avoiding contact with other year groups
  • Board your bus as soon as it arrives, taking your allocated seat as quickly as possible


Parents/carers who need to drop off and pick up children, please use the following guidance:

  • Only one parent/carer should attend whenever possible
  • Parents should remain in their cars
  • Not to gather at entrance gates or doors, or enter the site unless they have a pre-arranged appointment