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Denmark Road High School

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Student Senior Team

As Denmark Road High School's Senior Student Team we would like to welcome you to our school website!


2019-20 Senior Student Team

We would like to introduce ourselves as the new Senior Team - Stef, Jessie, Kate, Jemima and Remi. We are extremely excited to take on this role for 2019/2020.

As hard-working members of the Denmark Road community, it is our duty to act as an integral bridge between the staff and students of Denmark Road, and therefore, set an example to the rest of the school on how hard work, dedication and true grit can lead you to success.

We all look forward to playing a significant role within the school’s redevelopment as well as meeting on a regular basis with the Senior Leadership Team to discuss and contribute ideas from our fellow pupils in a range of different years to help us improve the school even further.

As the senior team, we look forward to having an important role within the sixth form, as well as the other years. Specifically, organising events, such as icebreakers at the start of the year, winter ball and many more. These events help our sixth form to come together as a community and let go of the stresses that our A levels may produce by allowing us to take a break from our academic studies.

As the school is experiencing many exciting changes in this upcoming year, such as a new Sixth Form block, we hope to help make these transitions for students and staff as seamless as possible by working with the Senior Team and taking on feedback from the rest of the pupils at Denmark Road.

In addition to this, we feel that a sense of belonging and purpose is a very important attribute of a school. Therefore, we aim to help fellow students find and gain their individuality, through various sporting, social and musical events, which will improve wellbeing, work ethic, and thus overall grades! As a result of this, we will work tirelessly to find as many ways as possible to help students at Denmark Road express their own individuality and gain confidence in their own abilities.

Not only do we want to help provide fellow students with an aspirational, positive work ethic. But we also want to push and encourage them to develop their skills outside of the classroom. For example, participating in musical bands, or developing their skills at netball and hockey.

Again, we feel extremely honoured to be representing the school that we have been a part for six years of our life. It has been an amazing journey that seems to have gone so quickly, so for our final year here, we hope we can make the most of our time as part of the Senior Team and work to make everyone’s experience of Denmark Road High School as amazing as ours had been.

Stef, Jessie, Kate, Jemima and Remi