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Denmark Road High School

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As the third most spoken language in the world after Mandarin and English and home to the top holiday destination among the British, it is easy to see why Spanish is such a popular language that so many people want to learn.  It is not all about ‘fiesta’ followed by ‘siesta’ as Spanish language graduates regularly boast high pay, employment and satisfaction rates from the myriad of job opportunities available to them.

A wet day in Madrid on the Spanish Exchange

Spanish is a very popular language at Denmark Road.  The lessons are vibrant, student-centred and enjoyable. You can expect to speak a lot of Spanish and also to learn via a multitude of ways: PowerPoint presentations, video clips, songs and online activities for instance.  There is also a very significant emphasis on writing and grammar, all of which thoroughly prepares our students for GCSE and A Level examinations.  Students also benefit from the many excellent resources in the Learning Resources Centre.  Here, there are not just books, many of which are dual language, but also a large collection of CDs and DVDs which are a very important part of the language learning experience. 

Spanish is a popular subject at A Level, where the students learn about topics from multicultural society to the environment as well as studying cinema and literature.  This is an excellent stepping stone for the several Denmark Road students each year who choose to study Spanish at university.

A visit to the Real Madrid stadium