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Denmark Road High School

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Sociology is the science of society.   It is the study of how people live, how society works and the way it affects our thoughts and behaviour.  Sociology enables students to compare cultures and periods in time and examine the operation of social institutions.

Within lessons students explore social inequalities in relation to class, ethnicity, gender and age, the policies that aim to address these changes required to reform society.

Within the WJEC GCSE course students develop an understanding of the process of socialisation into a mainstream culture as well as different subcultures.  Students explore the development and impact of gender, class, ethnic and age identities and the inequalities that impact on the life chances of these groups.   Focused study on both the mass media and crime and deviance also form part of this course. 

The A Level Sociology course involves an in-depth study of social experiences and the contribution of social research and theory to our understanding of society.  Students examine a wide range of social systems and their impact on identities, stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination.  Significant attention is given to globalisation and the digital world; families and relationships and religion, belief and faith.  Through these units issues such as the impact of social media on our identity, the future of the family, and religious fundamentalism are discussed.

Through Sociology students learn to see society through different eyes and are motivated to instigate change through debate and by raising social awareness.