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Denmark Road High School

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Social Distancing On-Site

We haven’t seen each other in ages and the desire for a hug or a handshake is going to be hard to keep down, but I am afraid we have to, so air hugs only! Or perhaps take a bow??

Government guidance states that wherever possible we must remain at 2m distance from others. We know that at some times this may not be possible (e.g. narrow corridors, accidentally going against the one way system), but if we all try it will help minimise risk.

We will be operating a one way system. Details are here for you to read, there will also be signs and markings in place to guide you.

The rooms you are based in for the day will have 5 or 6 desks grouped in a circle so you may be 2m apart and yet still socialise.

When you meet your teacher you will sit 2m apart from them.

When you move around the site you will need to stay 2m apart from others. There will be distance markers to guide you.

When you go to the toilet you need to make sure you are 2m away from whoever else may be there washing their hands. The main entrance to toilets will be propped open to allow for ventilation and for you to see if there is a cubicle free. For further details see section ‘Health & Safety: Use of toilets’

Entrances to the building will also have distance markers to guide you to keep 2 m apart.

We have created a turning circle at the front of the school for those being dropped off and picked up by car (See section ‘What will it be like on site?’)