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Denmark Road High School

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Sixth Form attendance on site


From Monday 9th November your school identity cards will be used for signing in and out at the downstairs Black Box in the sixth form. This removes the requirement for you to use fingerprints or key in identity numbers. Please ensure you use these, it is imperative for safeguarding purposes that we know where you are during the school day.  When you are leaving the school site you will need to press the hashtag key before using your school identity card to sign out.  


Year 12

Recognising the large period of time you had out of school at the end of Year 11 we want you to be on site with us as much as possible. This will enable you to socialise, get to know each and form friendships. It will also enable us to work with you on perfecting your independent study habits. Year 12 are therefore required to be on site from Lesson 1 each day. There are plenty of study spaces for you to use (see section ‘Designated Sixth Form Study Areas from 9 November’). As is currently the case you may sign out (using your id card at on the downstairs black box) from lesson 4 onwards should you have no further timetabled lessons (including 9th lessons an tutorials) to complete your studies at home. You are of course welcome to stay onsite all day should you wish.


Year 13

Most of you have perfected your independent study habits through Year 12, therefore you are required to attend site only when you have timetabled lessons (including 9th lessons and tutorials). You may therefore choose to join us later or leave earlier in the day in accordance with your own timetable. 

  • You must swipe in and out at the downstairs black box on arrival and departure
  • You must attend all timetabled lessons, including tutorial
  • You may leave site from the end of lesson 3 onwards in accordance with your timetable

If there are concerns regarding the ability to work independently at school we reserve the right to require you to attend school for all of your directed study periods.

You are welcome to stay on site and study if you wish. The Year 13 study hub is available all day for you. Details are in the section Designated Sixth Form Study Areas from 9 November'.




Reporting Absence

Both Year 12 and Year 13 must report any absence following the usual processes by 8:30am.