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Denmark Road High School

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Sixth Form Centre

In the Sixth Form, we are fortunate to have our own Sixth Form Centre with many facilities available for students to use. There are two common rooms, providing an environment to relax and socialise in during break and lunch times, as well as work spaces to use during private study sessions.  We also have our own kitchen, which links to the two common rooms, and provides another great place to spend time with friends, as well as making a much-needed cup of tea!  Additionally, there is a small computer room adjacent to the common rooms and the students have access to Sixth Form laptops for use in the common rooms.

Within our Sixth Form Centre are the offices of the Director of Post 16, and the Sixth Form Student Support/Administrator. With these staff being so close to the common rooms, support is available whenever it is required throughout the school day.  As a result students are able to build strong relationships with the staff during their time in the High School Sixth Form.

There are another two areas available for Sixth Form students; the quiet study area in the Learning Resource Centre, which is used only for A Level studies and SF4 which is next to the LRC.   These spaces enable students to work productively during private study sessions.  The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) also contains university league tables, prospectuses and careers books, which are especially useful during the UCAS process.

As a result, Sixth Formers have a supportive, caring and comfortable environment to enjoy each day, which allows them to perform to the best of their abilities during their studies.


 @HSSF_Official (Sixth Form)