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Denmark Road High School

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SEND Graduated Response

SEND Graduated Response at Denmark Road High School

When teachers have concerns about a student they discuss with the Subject Leader to ensure QFT.  If concerns continue they inform Progress and Well-being Co-ordinator:

  1. Gather evidence from other teachers

  2. Meet with parents/carers to discuss the concerns raised

  3. Put together a plan to meet the needs of the student 

  4. Notify the SENCO for information purposes by copying into emails where appropriate.  Advice can also be sought from SENCO if needed at this stage to help put the plan together and source provision.

If there are still concerns after these actions have taken place the following system is triggered:



If a student's needs are still not being met at My Plan + Level

The school and/or parents/carers/student may need to apply for an EHCP to secure greater provision than is available at an SEN Support Level.