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Denmark Road High School

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Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator:  Lucy Wilkes, 

Our aim is to be inclusive and to adapt the environment and provision to meet the needs of students who attend our school.  Although we are a selective school, with an entrance exam, and therefore have a relatively low level of need in our school, we are keen to provide well for those students who come to us with barriers to their learning.

We ensure that we:

  • Monitor the progress of all students; some young people with SEN can be identified at birth, other difficulties only become evident as young people grow and develop

  • Listen to the student

  • Listen to parents/carers

  • Are able to distinguish between students who may need some support within the classroom and within the differentiated curriculum, and students with Special Educational Needs

  • Identify barriers to learning using our knowledge and understanding of the four primary areas of need.  The areas of need are:

    Communication and Interaction (C+I)

    Cognition and Learning (C+L)

    Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH)

    Sensory and/or Physical (S+P)

  • Provide appropriately for all students with any kind of Special Educational Need or Disability


Please Click Here to see our SEND Graduated Response at Denmark Road High School.

Please click on the sections below to see how needs are met in each of the four category of needs.