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Denmark Road High School

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Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator:  Ms Alexandra Wickson

“Nothing less than positive progress and well-being for all”

‘All children can have additional needs at some time in their lives and may need support for a short period of time, or for longer.’ (Gloucestershire’s Joint Strategy 2018-21). Where a student has an additional educational need or a special educational need or a disability, Denmark Road High School will make all reasonable adjustments to accommodate their needs.  

Denmark Road High School is committed to providing all the students with high quality education where each student can ‘Discover and Realise’ their potential. Denmark Road High School seeks to enable appropriate challenge for all students, some of whom may have additional learning needs, special educational requirements or disability needs, through a stimulating, supportive environment and enrichment opportunities.

At Denmark Road High School, we are committed to ensuring that every student receives the very best responsive learning and teaching in the classroom through our expectation of excellence at all times.  Denmark Road High School has a clear plan to further improve our learning and teaching culture through the development of Metacognition and Thinking Hard to ensure that all students are active.  SEND students are integral to this journey and not being passive leaders of their own learning.

In addition to our determined efforts to further improve our culture of responsive learning and teaching, Denmark Road’s SEND students will be enabled to fulfil their potential and achieve success, both inside and outside of the classroom. Staff will utilise data, develop and implement accurate and appropriate feedback, focussed questioning and prioritising the learning and teaching of SEND students. All staff will continually reflect and review their responsive learning and teaching strategies (learning walks, curriculum intent and planning) to allow all SEND pupils to achieve.

At Denmark Road High School SEND students will work closely with their PWC and SENDCO dependant on their level of need.  Tutors will continually monitor students during mentoring so that early intervention of additional support can be instigated.  Students working with CYPS or the Hospital Education Service will also be supported by Student Support Officer.  Parental contact is integral to ensuring that communication is clear and effective.

At Denmark Road High School, we aim to provide the platform for every SEND student to have an equal and equitable opportunities at fulfilling their dreams and potential.

We ensure that we:

  • Monitor the progress of all students; some young people with SEN can be identified at birth, other difficulties only become evident as young people grow and develop

  • Listen to the student

  • Listen to parents/carers

  • Are able to distinguish between students who may need some support within the classroom and within the differentiated curriculum, and students with Special Educational Needs

  • Identify barriers to learning using our knowledge and understanding of the four primary areas of need.  The areas of need are:

    Communication and Interaction (C+I)

    Cognition and Learning (C+L)

    Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH)

    Sensory and/or Physical (S+P)

  • Provide appropriately for all students with any kind of Special Educational Need or Disability



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Please click on the sections below to see how needs are met in each of the four category of needs.



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