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Denmark Road High School

Discover Realise Honour Shape

Relationships and Sex Education Policy


Our RSE policy was developed with the contribution of both students, parents  and staff.  During the summer of 2022 all students were invited to take part in a questionnaire related to their experiences of Learning for Life lessons and also areas of personal development that they felt they would benefit from learning more about.  The draft policy was shared with parents and teachers of Learning for Life in June 2022, and parents attended an in-person meeting and had their opportunity to learn more about the content we are teaching alongside our methods of delivery, and most importantly to ask questions and provide feedback.  We also have the benefit of the Pupil Wellbeing Survey which is conducted every two years for Years 8, 10 and 12.  The anonymous survey provides a fabulous insight into the worries and concerns of our students and allows our curriculum to be responsive to their needs.

Our RSE curriculum is designed to be informative whilst allowing a safe space for students to ask questions about sensitive issues.  Through the delivery of RSE we aim for our students to develop feelings of: self-respect, confidence and empathy.  We aim to create a positive culture around issues relating to sexuality, gender and relationships.  Our curriculum and lesson delivery is fully inclusive and reflects the school's ethos of: Discover, Realise, Honour and Shape; we want our students to become empowered about the choices they make in relation to their own bodies.

Teachers of RSE:

Clair Crane

Julia Simpson

Kate Pope

Alan Shipman

Ellie Ryall