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Denmark Road High School

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Progress & Well-Being Centre

During her time at DRHS, your daughter will make the challenging transition from childhood to adulthood.  We understand that entrusting her care and education to us during this period is not done lightly. 

As a school, we are able to offer a wide range of advantages in resources and choices, but we are also divided into small groups too, through the Tutor groups Year Groups and the House system. These create interlocking layers of pastoral care which enable every girl, the reserved as well as the extrovert, to find opportunities to lead a confident, fulfilled and enjoyable life at School.

Pastoral care is the responsibility of the Assistant Head, Student Support, but on a day-to-day basis the Tutor and the Progress & Well-being Co-ordinator are a student's and parent's/carer’s first port of call. They are there to guide, advise and assist your daughter as she navigates the particular pressures on girls today, especially those which may have been rare in our own childhoods. This network is backed up our team of experienced Student Support Officers who are always available for extra help in times of need.

Pastoral care isn't something that happens when things go wrong; it's a constant support network for your daughter's time at DRHS.


Every student has a Form Tutor that mentors them throughout the year. These sessions are done formally once or twice a term as well informally most days, with the view to supporting them to reach their full potential – both academically and socially.

Parents/carers receive updates on how their daughters are performing in their individual subjects most terms, as well as a Tutor Report during the course of the year.

Social, Emotional and Mental Health 

Students may periodically display emotional, social or mild behaviour difficulties as a result of a change in their life.  Tutors, Progress & Well-being Co-ordinators, Mrs Kittle and the Assistant Head, Student Support are all here to listen, support and give advice. We are in contact with parents/carers and all the outside agencies to gather expertise and find the best solution for that student.

Tutorial Programme 

The Progress & Well-being Co-ordinators lead a full programme for the tutorial sections of the curriculum. This programme includes PSHE and Citizenship, Careers and a whole range of appropriate age-related topics. Often outside speakers join the students to add reality and expertise to the discussion.