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Denmark Road High School

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Music Lessons - What will they be like?

Music practical lessons - September 2020

All KS3/KS4/KS5 students have to provide their own headphones to use the keyboards.  If a student does not have headphones, they will not be able to use the keyboards. 

Headphones need a mini jack adaptor (not AirPods or the recent iPhone lightning headphones as these do not have 3.5mm mini jack)

The students will wipe down all keyboards before and after use in lessons.

Keyboards will be used in bubbles and cleaned every use

Percussion and ukuleles will only be used by one year group and/or will be quarantined before another bubble uses it.

All practice rooms are out of bounds at all times (before school/break/lunch/after school)  the only access to practice rooms is for instrumental lessons. 

There will be no co-curricular clubs running for the first term.