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Denmark Road High School

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Movement Around School

There is a one-way system.

Markings are in place and the maps may be found here.

Everyone must follow the system.  Please encourage people who are contravening the system to abide by it. It is the responsibility of us all.

  • Staff have been asked to ensure all lessons finish promptly so that students can be dismissed straight away on the bell. Please play your part and support us with this.
  • Once at your new lesson, you will need to go into your next classroom as soon as you arrive - we will not be able to queue students in corridors. The only exception may be practical classrooms where staff have not been able to arrive before you.
  • Teachers who need to move around the site will do so either before or after student movement. If a teacher needs to move classrooms between two lessons without a break then they should make the move before. Visors are provided for staff to use while moving around the site.