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Denmark Road High School

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Learning and Teaching at Denmark Road


Responsive Learning and Teaching Vision 

Our students are leaders of the future; our vision is to provide a wide range of opportunities, both within and outside of classrooms to enable all our students to achieve excellence in the path they choose. Our students are passionate, inspired and empowered with a love of learning they take with them throughout their life, whilst learning to be independent, inquisitive and resilient within the high challenge, yet supportive environment we provide.

Responsive Learning and Teaching Key Principles 

Ensuring the use of the very best evidence based practice, to have the greatest impact on student experience and performance. Our principles underpin our responsive learning and teaching vision, which also supports our responsive professional development and evaluation of learning and teaching.

Teachers role model the highest expectations and expect excellence at all times, through role modelling what this looks like within their subject specialisms and classroom.



Responsive Professional Development (RPD) Vision 

All classroom colleagues are responsive leaders of learning, enabling our students to be lifelong leaders of their own learning and leaders of the future.

Our responsive professional development vision is therefore student centered, and enables all our staff to have the time and opportunities to develop evidence based practices that underpin our responsive learning and teaching vision and principles. At the core, staff will continually ask “has my RPD made a difference yet?” Over the next 3-5 years, our provision will continue to nurture a developmental culture with these key principles at the heart:

·       Risk taking with high levels of trust

·       Transparency and openness

·       Respect and integrity

·       Inspiration and challenge