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Denmark Road High School

Discover Realise Honour Shape

Learning 4 LIFE

Learning 4 Life education helps us to..

  • show our bodies the respect they deserve
  • think about why we don’t always do this
  • identify what can happen as a result
  • learn how to help restore our health when needed
  • understand our thinking patterns
  • spot the negative things that indicate unhealthy thought processes
  • see ways we can nurture positivity in our thoughts and feelings
  • challenge negative thinking patterns and replace them with positivity and optimism
  • get extra support when negative thinking gets out of control
  • think about how we want to contribute to the world
  • identify careers that match our skills, interests and passions
  • guide us regarding whose advice to follow
  • identify who can help us make the right decisions
  • re-plan if we change our minds
  • understand the importance of work/life balance and how to achieve this
  • understand how money works
  • develop confidence in managing money
  • reflect on healthy and unhealthy spending habits
  • think about the importance of financial and economic well-being on healthy lifestyles
  • identify characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • develop the communication skills necessary for healthy relationships
  • understand what makes relationships successful
  • identify and reflect on the importance of nurturing relationships on happiness and well-being