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Denmark Road High School

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Is Everyone Expected To Attend?

We believe that it is incredibly important that our students return to school in March. Although many of them coped admirably during lockdown and with home learning, there is no substitute for face-to-face learning and all of the advice suggests that, apart from where specific medical advice suggests otherwise, it is in all students’ best interests to return to school – both from an educational and wellbeing perspective.

Some students should not attend site. These students should be in receipt of a letter from their GP. The list of those Critically Extremely Vulnerable should be checked by those who have an underlying health condition. Please contact us if you will be shielding. 

If a parent chooses to keep their child at home without specific medical permission (or when self-isolating) this will be counted as unauthorised absence. Requests for home learning cannot be accommodated, as teachers are all focused on the school reopening as normal.

Of course, if after reading this, you still have concerns about your child(ren) returning to school then please do contact us.