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Denmark Road High School

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Information for Students


Welcome to the Denny family

I am delighted to welcome you, our newest members of our Denmark Road (Denny) family to our special learning community! 

My name is Ms Wickson and I am the Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for the Learning and Teaching at Denmark Road. I also have the pleasure of being the Senior Member of staff who oversees the wellbeing and development of Years 7-9 alongside Miss Hodnett and her dedicated team.

I know you will be both excited and nervous about this important step in your lives and I want to take this opportunity to share with you how we will support, encourage and empower you over the coming weeks and months.


Year 7 is just the beginning of this important and exciting stage in your life and your Denny family will be here every step of the way. There will be things you can do, want to do, cannot do YET or do not even know you want to do YET!

We will help you to fulfil your dreams and aspirations by supporting you to become leaders of your own learning, so not only will you have the academic knowledge required, but also the opportunities, skills and confidence to become the person YOU want to be.

Even before September, we will provide you with challenges through our transition materials and events to start you on your journey to be the learner and leader you want to be.

In September, you will begin our Leaders of Learning Programme: designed by us to empower you to understand how we learn, so you become active and effective learners not just in the classroom, but when making decisions and learning from experiences in every aspect of your life. This Programme will grow with you as you make your own journey with us at DRHS.

We do this because we want our students to have a lifelong love of learning so they can be the leaders of their own futures ~ #denmarkroad365.

I look forward to meeting you at the earliest opportunity and getting to know you during your #denmarkroad365 journey.

Stay safe and best wishes,

Ms Wickson



#newtodenny #classof2026

Many students join us from a wide range of primary schools so our #newtodenny Transition Programme is very important to us. Our transition aim is to ensure that each and every student feels happy, confident and supported during what can be a challenging time. However, there are lots of new opportunities and experiences to be introduced and excited about. 

Our Transition Programme is going to look a little different this year: we would normally welcome you through our blue Denmark Road gates on Taster Day, but are not sure whether this can safely happen this year.  However, our virtual #newtodenny Transition Programme, will ensure that you have all the information required ready for the new academic year.

The first step is that you will be allocated to join one of our 5 Denny Houses: Barwell, Bearland, Hartland, Kyneburga or Mynd. The house system was introduced in 1923 to train girls to realise their membership of a community, and to give opportunities for responsibility and leadership to senior students.  Our House system works the same today, as we empower you to be leaders of your learning and of your future.

We will be releasing a series of Welcome to Denny Challenges, which gives you the opportunity to explore and connect with some of the fun, yet challenging activities our current Year 7 and 8 students have been enjoying during the school closure. We have also invited you to join our DRHS Reading Marathon, with a special note from our Librarian, Mrs Cordell.

On our website, you will be introduced to different staff who are a key part of our Denny family and they will be an important part of your Denmark Road journey. This way, you will get to know friendly faces that you can look out for when you do arrive through our school gates. You will also be able to see a virtual tour of our school, which will help you to familiarise yourself with our buildings and classrooms. You may also use this to help find your way when you join us.

You will see a number of frequently asked questions which our current Year 7s have helped us put together, as they are concerns that new students often have. Click on the links to see and hear the answers. There may be questions we have not answered. If this is the case, please email and one of our Denny family will be in touch.