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Denmark Road High School

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How Will My Learning Be Assessed?

Year 7 - Year 10 & Year 12

Teachers will continue to assess learning daily using formative assessment in the classroom. This may be done through questioning, using of mini whiteboards and quizzes etc. This won’t be evidenced in any way, but is used by the teacher to ascertain gaps in key knowledge and misconceptions, so that they can plan quickly and effectively to help you progress and feel confident with your learning and progress. This is especially important as classroom teaching begins again.

Visualisers are also a brilliant way of supporting learning. Teachers may use these to show student work so you get to see model answers, or work together to develop responses further.

No formal summative assessments will be set for the first 3 weeks back (8th-26th March).

Students will continue to receive high quality written feedback where appropriate on their work in line with school policy. HOWEVER, work should be submitted online wherever possible.

If work has to be submitted ‘on paper’ (because there really is no other option) then we recommend that a student collects in the books, puts them in a bag or box for the teacher and that they are left 48 hours before they are marked. Teachers should then leave them a further 48 hours before returning.



Year 11 and Year 13

As examinations have been cancelled this summer, we are in the process of finalising the assessments that will be in place for each subject.  These will be used to support the awarding of grades.  

There will be no mock examinations.  Instead students will get the opportunity to fully prepare for the assessments that will be set by each subject.  

Full details of assessments will be published by the end of March.