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Denmark Road High School

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House History

The House system at the High School is an essential part of the school community and provides friendly but fierce competition for all students to get involved in.  Dating back to October 1923, the long-lasting House legacy still stands strong today. 

The five Houses are named after prominent people/buildings in the school’s past:

Barwell (Green)

Barwell is named after Miss Barwell.  She was Headmistress for 24 years from 1895 until 1919.  She died at the age of 87.

Miss Hickey

Bearland (Red)

Bearland House, Longsmith Street was the second home of the High School from 1895 until it moved to Denmark Road.


Hartland (Yellow)

Mr Hartland was the Chair of Gloucester United School in 1906.  He is recognised for his wisdom, tact and for being responsible for the building of the school on Denmark Road.

Kyneburga (White)

Named after the Saint, Princess Kyneburga, Gloucester's first 'Headmistress'.  She died in AD 710, having ruled for twenty-nine years over the monks and nuns at St Peter's Abbey (Gloucester Cathedral).

Mynd (Blue)

Mynd is named after the first home of the High School.  Mynd House, Barton Street.


The House system was originally set up to enable the students to realise that they were part of a community and to give opportunities for responsibility and leadership for older students.  This is still the case today.

All Year 7 students, other new entrants to the school and staff are allocated to a House.  If anyone joining the school has a particular association with a House, for example, through family members being in the House, then they are allocated that House.

House meetings occur each term. Each house annually elects a House Captain and Secretary, as well as a Drama or Music Captain and a Sports captain.