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Denmark Road High School

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Our Homework Rationale

Homework is defined as any work or activity that students are asked to undertake outside of lesson time.  At Denmark Road High School, we see work completed outside of lesson time as an invaluable part of a student’s learning. 


Our Homework tasks:

● Excite, engage and challenge students

● Develop self-regulated learners

● Provide open ended tasks to challenge

● Consolidate, extend and deepen learning

● Facilitate self-review and reflection on work and to make improvements

● Ensure continuity between lessons. To prepare for lessons and consolidate classwork.

● Strengthen the school-home partnership


Homework Frequency Guidance

Based on current good practice, students will be expected to spend the following amount of time on homework:

Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9:                   1 – 2 hours per day                 20-30 minutes per homework

Year 10, Year 11 and Sixth Form:         1 - 3 hours per day                  30-60 minutes per homework


In Key Stage 3, students should expect to receive homework on a fortnightly basis.  With the exception of English, Mathematics and Modern Foreign Languages where homework will be set weekly.

In Key Stage 4, students should expect to receive one homework per week (up to 60 minutes in length). 

In Key Stage 5, students will be expected to complete five hours of independent study work per week for each of their A Level subjects. 


Homework Expectations:

All our Homework tasks are set using the Satchel One (Show My Homework) online platform.  All students and parents will be able to see the homework tasks set and their respective due dates. 

Teachers will not set homework tasks to be completed for the next day or over a weekend.  All homework set will have at least two days for students to complete it. 

Homework could be amalgamated; for example a longer piece of project work could be set over 2 or 3 weeks rather than one piece each week.

We recognise the importance of providing prompt and actionable feedback to students, parents and carers.  Feedback will include how well homework tasks have been tackled, and the knowledge, skills and understanding developed.  A variety of methods will be used to provide feedback, such as an appropriate comment of praise, appreciation or area for improvement. 

Part of completing a homework task includes giving it in on time. If a student is unable to meet a deadline due to illness, extenuating circumstances or out of school commitments it is their responsibility to discuss this with their teacher before the due date.