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Denmark Road High School

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Health & Safety: Travel to School

Travelling to school

For your protection and the protection of others we are following government guidance that states use of public transport should be avoided.

Students attending the school site for their Academic Review days must therefore travel on foot, by bike or in their family/personal car. 

Please remember to observe social distancing when walking or cycling to school, especially when passing other pedestrians or waiting at traffic lights.  Please also remember you must not “lift share” with other students that are outside of your household.  If you live in Gloucester please follow the link below for information about dedicated cycle routes and travelling to school by bicycle:


Full details of Government travel guidance can be found by following this link:


The Government have produced a checklist for safer travel which is shown below:

Checklists for safer travel

Plan your journey

·        can I walk or cycle to my destination?

·        have I planned my journey to minimise crowded areas and allow for delays?

·        am I taking the most direct route to my destination?


What to take with you

·        a face covering

·        a plan for my journey

·        phone (if needed for travel updates, tickets, contactless payments)

·        hand sanitiser

·        essential medicines

·        tissues


If you travel to school and use a face covering you will need to place that face covering in a plastic bag on arrival at school and put it in your school bag.  If you wish to wear a face covering in school you will need to provide a second clean face covering in this instance.  After putting away/replacing your face covering you must wash your hands.