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Denmark Road High School

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Good Hygiene

A fundamental principle of managing the spread of Covid-19 remains the need to follow good hygiene rules at all times and this is particularly important in a school environment, with a large number of people together from many households.

Posters will be placed around the school to remind everyone about:

  • Hand washing and the use of hand-sanitiser. Students will be expected to clean their hands regularly:
    • When they arrive at school
    • As they go into a new classroom
    • As they leave a classroom
    • After going to the toilet
    • Before and after they eat
    • If they blow their nose or cough into their hands
  • Not touching mouth, eyes or nose where possible
  • Using tissue or elbow to cough or sneeze, and specific bins for tissue waste


The school will be running an enhanced cleaning regime, with extra cleaning on the site during the day to make sure frequently touched surfaces and toilets are managed properly.


If students have sensitive skin and want to bring their own hand-sanitiser, that is fine.