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Denmark Road High School

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We do more trade with Germany than any other country in Europe. The vast majority of Europe’s manufacturing businesses are in Germany.  German is spoken in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and by more people as a mother tongue than English, and you can also get by in German in most of Eastern Europe where vast new markets are emerging.  German is very much the language of industry.

German lessons are dynamic and fun.  We use a vast range of media, from books to stimulating online activities, from film to music and dance.  Students are encouraged to make full use of our extensive selection of CDs, DVDs and captivating books from our excellent library.  

DRHS runs a thriving exchange visit in Year 10 with our link school in Göttingen, joining forces with Sir Thomas Rich’s School.  Sixth Form study includes research into German Literature, cinema, fashion, music, geography and politics.

We use the target language as much as possible in lessons to make that language a genuine means of communication.  We are fortunate enough to have a native speaker on the staff, who offers small group conversation practice as well as 1:1 support or extension classes.  In addition, we have a suite of four Modern Language rooms equipped with interactive whiteboards and a bank of 30 laptops.

Every year numerous girls go on to study languages as part of their degree at university, and we regularly send girls to Oxford or Cambridge to study Modern Languages.  An A Level in German offers the opportunity to have a paid year abroad in a German-speaking country.

The students during their exchange to Göttingen